Illegal Demolition at Randall? OAH Filing Says Yes

A recent Office of Administrative Hearing filing argues that the demolition and permit issuance at Randall School violated several DC laws. The demolition of the auditorium stage directly opposed orders of the Zoning Commission and the Mayor’s Agent, as well as the DCRA razing permit. OAH has been asked to expedite the request.

"DC Code § 6–1104 and § 6–1108.03 established the procedures if the Mayor intended to issue a permit to demolish a historic landmark (Exhibit A and B). When the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA) issued a raze permit (No. R2000031)(Exhibit C) for partial demolition of the landmark Elizabeth G. Randall Junior High School (“Randall School”), located at 65 I St SW, DCRA violated the law. 1) DC code § 6–1104(h) and 2) § 6-1107(a) were not followed (Exhibit A and D). DCRA did not independently assess the owner’s ability to complete the project as a legal condition prior to permit issuance (DC Code § 6–1104) and did not place notice of the application in the District of Columbia Register § 6-1107(a)."

"JV MPDC LLC illegally demolished the auditorium stage (“east wing”) (Exhibit H) of the historic Randall School 3) since the DCRA razing permit only granted permission to demolish “non-historic structures” (Exhibit C). In accordance with § 4–210.11 (Exhibit E), the orders of the Mayor’s Agent 4) did not review, intend, or recommend demolition of this historic wing and 5) did not and could not balance the public interest and social benefits given an omission of demolition of the east wing (“auditorium stage”) in the special merit request. 6) The orders of the Zoning Commission were violated with the demolition of the east wing auditorium."

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