Open Letter to Councilmember Robert White: Unlawful Practices Likely Widespread in Housing

Dear Councilmember R. White,

I would like to thank you and your staff for your support and guidance in helping me with Mrs. [redacted]’s housing matter. I want to commend Mr. Sean Cuddihy who has been immensely helpful and responsive. Mrs. [redacted] has now been approved for housing, though she remains homeless. The matter should be fully resolved in early July – her move-in date.

I am writing to convey that the District has major barriers and dysfunction in the housing ecosystem that warrants intense and sustained oversight by the Housing Committee. In my judgment, the system is broken. Major reforms are warranted.

Areas of Needed Oversight

I believe that a wide-ranging and intense investigation of Real Page is a compelling public interest matter to include unlawful discriminatory practices and racial disparate impact. Real Page was also the company that initially denied my application for my current residence in 2016. I received a denial letter from [redacted] that purported that I had a criminal record from the Georgia [redacted]. That was not true. I was instructed to call Real Page to appeal the decision. Real Page included information in this report that was false and did not cross-check data with my date of birth, my middle name, known addresses, or Social Security number - all details in my housing application. After I appealed, they retracted the denial (below). They appeared to look for people who shared my first and last names and state of residence at any point.