Litsky's $100,000 Scandal:
Reviewing the Evidence

Litsky shown as Board Member as of 3/13/21 (after the March 8 vote), but Litsky later removed as Board member from website as stated in original article

Screenshots taken on the Southwest Community Foundation website show Litsky a Board member as of March 13. The ANC meeting took place on March 8 in which Litsky voted in favor of Cotton Annex project.

Litsky Voted "Yes" to Give SW Community Foundation $100,000. He served on the Board.

The ANC did vote unanimously to approve giving an ANC testimony supporting the project at the Zoning Commission hearing on Cotton Annex. There was a separate vote on the project itself - which Mr. Litsky vote in favor of. Two commissioners did not vote in favor of project in that project (not shown).

SW Community Foundation's 990 From Shows Litsky as a Board Member As Early As 2018

Cotton Annex on ANC6D March 8 Meeting

$50,000 to be sent once final order issued - final order has been issued*

The final order of the Zoning Commission required $50,000 to be sent to the SW Community Foundation with issuance of the final order on March 18, 2021. The remaining $50,000 will be sent when the certificate of occupancy is issued.

Editor's Note: SW Community Foundation says it has not received any money.

ANC6D Handbook Fully Describes Conflict of Interest and What Commissioners Should Do