President Dena Walker's Letter to DCHA

May 22, 2023

Good day to all of you,

I am writing again in support and on the behalf of [redacted], regarding the rats that are infesting her home. Ms. [redacted] and her family have endured this deplorable situation for a very long time, prior to me becoming involved in March 2023. It is now almost the end of May, and she is still living with the rats in her home. Do you understand how this situation greatly diminishes the quality of life for her and her children? She should not have to live one more day with the rats. This brings me to why DCHA refuses to temporarily move her and her family to a hotel until DCHA repairs the unit at [redacted] L Street are complete for her to move in. DCHA does temporarily house residents when their units cease to be habitable until repairs are made. To further my point, it has come to my attention that a neighbor ([redacted]. She permitted the use of her name in this email) of hers on the same street was moved to a hotel that is being paid by DCHA, because her roof fell in and her unit has been stamped as condemned. [redacted]'s unit has also been condemned. Why are certain residents afforded hotel accommodations and others are not?  By the way, the unit 1110 next to Ms. [redacted] is infested with rats, roaches, flying cockroaches and bed bugs which are now moved to her unit and no one lives there, so the infestations are becoming more deplorable. 

I am at my wits end with this situation, especially when certain residents are overlooked and others are not. It almost seems that DCHA does not care about resident concerns. I have tried to work within the DCHA to ensure residents have clean, safe and habitable housing conditions, but I have accepted the reality that it is just a job to most of you and no one will be held accountable if Ms. [redacted] or one of her children is bitten by a rat. Then again, unfortunately maybe that will be the only thing that will garner your attention and get you to react. Especially if lawyers and the media become involved. Listen, I am worn out from trying to reach some of you at DCHA to provide hotel accommodations for Ms. [redacted]. Please do it. You have done it for others for less maintenance/repair concerns. If it seems I am going the extra mile for Ms. [redacted], it's because I am. Residents do not always come to me for assistance, but when they do, I have to advocate for them until the situation is resolved. 

Lastly, Ms. [redacted] has been extremely patient throughout this ordeal. She has not turned this into a court case, which is how I know most residents get the attention they deserve to have repairs done. This will be my last request to DCHA to provide Ms. redacted] temporary hotel accommodations until her proposed unit at 210 L St. is repaired for move in. 


Ms. Dena Walker, President

Greenleaf Gardens Extension and Additions

Resident Council Executive Board